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Metro 2033 !!HOT!! Free Full Version Game Download

Up for a claustrophobic tunnel crawl packed full of mutants, marauders and otherworldly anomalies? The Russian underground of Metro 2033 should be your next stop, and it's completely free on Steam today. For the next twenty hours (give or take), just check out its Steam page, click to add it to your account and keep it forever. This is the original version of 4A Games's shooter, rather than the polished up Redux edition, but still worth the trip if you've never tried it before.

Metro 2033 Free Full Version Game Download


While not as pretty as the Redux version of the game (currently bundled with its sequel on Steam for under $10), Metro 2033 is still no slouch graphically. If anything, it pushed PCs of the time far too hard, and modern hardware can still chug a bit if you try maxing out its vast number of detail sliders. All told, it's a solid shooter, although due to much of it literally being set underground, progression is quite linear. The sequel Last Light opened things up a bit, and the upcoming Metro Exodus will be set in large outdoors environments.

Metro 2033 is developed by 4A Games and presented by Deep Silver. Metro 2033 is basically a combat game where most of the missions took place inside the metro. It describes Moscow after nuclear war and mostly people in the country were dead. Some of the survivals were living underground. The player has to save the underground area and has to fight against enemies. Lot of tunnels comes in between the fight and the player has to cross all those tunnels. During the fight the external environment looks very great where people it shows many people roaming around, different shops can also be seen with people shopping there, some playgrounds are also shown which children playing around. You can also try similar game Metro Last Light, download it free from our website.

Overall Metro 2033 Free Download is amazing with some nice sound tracks, great graphics. Its story-line is simply very unique on its own. The surrounding environment of the game is excellent. It gives more like original and realistic effect to the player while playing. Weapons are in the hands of both the player and his enemies, by selecting different weapons on the spot is the main trick of the game. There are two endings of the game, one is that the player gain the points and after that can sit peacefully and watch the fight and do peaceful negotiations. But the other ending is that the player fight with the enemies and destroy their land and all their weapons and their machinery. If you like this game then you will definitely like similar game Metro Last Light Redux. Download it free from our site.

Metro 2033 was the debut title for 4A Games, whose founders had experience working on S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl at GSC Game World. Glukhovsky chose 4A Games to adapt his novel due to the studio's location in Ukraine, and their expertise in developing first-person shooters. Glukhovsky gave the studio a lot of creative freedom. 4A Games focused their efforts on storytelling and atmosphere, intentionally avoiding any multiplayer gameplay to achieve their goal. The game was powered by the studio's own proprietary 4A Engine. It was first announced in 2006 as Metro 2033: The Last Refuge.

Metro 2033 takes place in the city of Moscow, Russia 20 years after a global nuclear holocaust in 2013. Moscow has become a wasteland filled with killer mutants and irradiated air and is uninhabitable for humans without protective gear. The surviving population now lives in the Moscow Metro, which is described as a labyrinth of railways, tunnels, and bunkers.[15] Inside the metro, food, water, and supplies are scarce which lead to the formation of factions; Most notably the "Hanza," the "Red Line," and the "Rangers of the Order." The metro is dilapidated, with some places even requiring a universal charger in order to activate certain gates or switches. Other areas of the metro are also irradiated and filled with water or debris. Some areas contain anomalies or the supernatural which can cause psychic damage towards those that approach those areas. On the surface, the city is desolate, air and water are contaminated with radiation, and nearly everything is covered in ice and snow. While uninhabitable to humans, the surface is home to many mutants, especially the Dark Ones. The overall tone that the game tries to encapture is a grim and melancholic feeling, as well as displaying the miserable lives of people who've survived the great war.

Glukhovsky ultimately chose 4A Games because they shared an "Eastern European mindset", both having a first-hand understanding of the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was also impressed with the team's previous work, as well as their pitch to adapt Metro as a first-person shooter, since the book reveals the thoughts of the protagonists (though it is written in the third-person).[17] Glukhovsky gave 4A a lot of creative freedom, while ensuring that the game was true to his story, themes, and meaning, even rewriting the dialog for the Russian version of the game. According to Glukhovsky, the main theme of Metro 2033 is xenophobia, particularly the human reaction to the mysterious Dark Ones. Glukhovsky also saw it as a coming of age story for protagonist Arytom, as a young man trying to find the meaning of his life.[20] The game does feature political satire and social criticism, particularly about modern Russia, but this was not intended as the game's focus.[21] The game differs from the book by offering two endings, which Glukhovsky felt was an interesting choice to give the player.[19]

The game was released on 16 March 2010 in North America, and 19 March 2010 in Europe.[34] Immediately after the game's release, the studio announced that it had begun developing downloadable content for Metro 2033.[35] The content was later revealed to as the "Ranger pack", which added two new weapons, as well as a Ranger mode that removed the HUD, and reduced the ammunition supply while boosting damage. The pack was released on 3 August 2010.[36]

On 22 May 2014, a Redux version of the game was announced, featuring updates to the 4A Engine from the development of the sequel, Metro: Last Light. This led to graphical changes such as improved lighting, animations, and particle effects, as well as dynamic weather. This also allowed gameplay changes from Last Light, including improved controls, combat, stealth mechanics, and artificial intelligence. This also added Last Light features to 2033, such as silent takedowns, customized weapons, and the ability to wipe gas masks.[38] The Redux version was released on 26 August 2014 in North America, and 29 August 2014 in Europe for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.[39] The re-release also led to a compilation package with both 2033 and Last Light, under the cumulative title of Metro Redux.[40] The redux versions of the two games were published by Deep Silver. A demo of the Redux version, which allows players to play through the first one-third of the game, was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 2 June 2015.[41] Metro Redux was later released for the Nintendo Switch on 28 February 2020.[42]

This is a config editor for the original Steam version of Metro 2033 (not Redux).It allows you to edit most game settings as well as some hidden settings (such as FOV, cheats or windowed mode) without running the game.

Metro 2033 was one of those games that didn't catch on nearly as fast as other franchises but has since grown massively in popularity. For those who have still not played the game, you can obtain it for free on PC on the Epic Games Store.

With regards to Metro 2033 Redux, there is no excuse not to download the game at this point. For free, players can download a fun, immersive, apocalyptic, atmospheric adventure that combines exciting action with heightened tension. Metro 2033 Redux improves on the original in many ways. This includes improvements on the game's visual elements, as well as certain gameplay components that were made better in Metro: Last Light. Suffice it to say: there is no excuse not to download Metro 2033 Redux.

The entire Metro franchise is currently on sale on Steam, with the very first game in the series, Metro 2033, now free to download for all Steam users. The Russian developers A4 Games are running this sale on Steam until March 15, at which point the trilogy will return to full price. Based on a series of books by Dmitry Glukhovsky, players must survive in the remnants of a nuclear war that has demolished the city of Moscow. The only living humans survived by retreating into the metro system, building small cities in the stations, and using the tunnels to travel between them. Resources are scarce, with bullets becoming the new form of currency. Mutated beings roam in the dark and on the surface, with humanity afraid to leave their homes.

While the original game, Metro 2033 is free to download and add to your Steam library during this period, some fans prefer the remake of the game, Metro 2033 Redux. The remake utilizes the engine from Metro: Last Light and has a vastly improved performance from the first. It also brings in the customizable weapons element from the second game. All of the animations, textures and environments were completely remade for Redux, which may be worth picking up during the sale as it is 80% off.

The developers are currently hard at work on the next Metro title. Not much is known about the game, but fans of the series have PS5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrades for the Metro games to look forward to. In the meantime, why not pick up a free copy of Metro 2033 and some cheap sequels on Steam?

Metro 2033 is a first-person shooter survival horror video game developed by 4A Games and published by THQ. It was released in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The game is available for all the major gaming platforms which include the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Linux and Classic Mac OS. Although a Metro 2033 redux multiplayer version was never released now this game is available for free in the Epic Games Store for a limited period. Continue reading to know about the Epic free games and for a Metro 2033 redux review. 041b061a72


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