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30 Day Method String Dope

30 Day Method String Dope: A New Way to Learn Guitar

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but felt overwhelmed by the amount of information and practice required? Do you wish there was a simple and fun way to master the basics of guitar playing in just 30 days? If so, you might be interested in trying out the 30 Day Method String Dope, a new online course that promises to teach you how to play the guitar in a fast and easy way.

What is the 30 Day Method String Dope?

The 30 Day Method String Dope is an online course that consists of 30 video lessons, each lasting about 15 minutes. The course is designed by PuldelZfragme, a professional guitarist and music producer who has over 10 years of experience in teaching guitar. The course covers the essential skills and techniques of guitar playing, such as chords, scales, strumming, picking, fingerstyle, and more. The course also teaches you how to play some popular songs from different genres, such as rock, pop, blues, and folk.


How does the 30 Day Method String Dope work?

The 30 Day Method String Dope works by using a unique approach that combines three elements: string dope, ear training, and gamification. Let's take a look at each of these elements in detail.

  • String dope: This is the name of the special tuning system that PuldelZfragme uses in his course. Instead of using the standard tuning of E-A-D-G-B-E, he tunes his guitar to E-A-D-G-C-E. This tuning makes it easier to play chords and scales on the guitar, as well as creating a richer and fuller sound. PuldelZfragme claims that this tuning is the secret to learning guitar faster and better.

  • Ear training: This is the name of the method that PuldelZfragme uses to teach you how to play songs by ear. Instead of giving you tabs or sheet music, he plays the songs for you and asks you to repeat them by listening and copying. This way, you can develop your musical ear and learn how to recognize notes, intervals, chords, and melodies by ear.

  • Gamification: This is the name of the technique that PuldelZfragme uses to make his course more fun and engaging. He adds elements of gamification to his lessons, such as quizzes, challenges, badges, and leaderboards. These elements motivate you to keep practicing and learning, as well as allowing you to track your progress and compete with other students.

What are the benefits of the 30 Day Method String Dope?

The 30 Day Method String Dope has many benefits for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar. Some of these benefits are:

  • It saves you time and money: You don't need to spend hours or days searching for reliable and quality information on how to play the guitar. You also don't need to spend a lot of money on expensive guitar lessons or books. The 30 Day Method String Dope gives you everything you need to learn guitar in one place, for a reasonable price.

  • It suits your level and pace: You don't need to have any prior knowledge or experience in playing the guitar. The 30 Day Method String Dope starts from the very basics and gradually builds up your skills and confidence. You can also learn at your own pace, as you can access the course anytime and anywhere.

  • It boosts your creativity and enjoyment: You don't need to follow boring or rigid rules or instructions on how to play the guitar. The 30 Day Method String Dope encourages you to experiment and explore your own musical style and preferences. You can also have fun while learning, as you can play along with your favorite songs and join a community of like-minded learners.

How can I join the 30 Day Method String Dope?

If you are interested in joining the 30 Day Method String Dope, you can visit [PuldelZfragme's SoundCloud page] where you can find more information about the course and listen to some samples of his lessons. You can also sign up for a free trial and get access to the first three lessons of the course. If you like what you see and hear, you can enroll in the full course for a one-time payment of $99. You will then get unlimited access to all 30 lessons, as well as a certificate of completion and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the 30 Day Method String Dope today and discover a new way to learn guitar!


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