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Ethan Lopez

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding (2020)

This movie offers good-hearted fun for younger kids. The Chinese-inspired location is appealing, and fans of the franchise will enjoy this latest installment of familiar characters. The Barbie-esque depiction of the princesses and the tired royal wedding cliché could grate on some viewers' nerves, but ultimately it's the women who must save the day in The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding, displaying courage and intelligence along the way. Good wins out over evil in the Swan Princess universe, and that's a message that should never get old.

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding (2020)

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Princess Odette and Prince Derek have been invited to the wedding of Princess Mei Li and her great love, Chen. But the evil sorceress Fang wants to marry Chen herself and has cast a curse. Odette and her royal friends must try to break the spell so Mei Li and Chen can get married and live happily ever after. 041b061a72


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