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For your first Yoga class

Yoga has now become the most popular word when people search about exercise activities. It is not only an exercise but also a life style. With the word yoga, social media now makes you aware of the new, healthy life, with green food, vegan meals, and the idea of letting go, practicing meditation and living the life with your passion, and so on. But not many people who are doing it can deeply understand the art of movement in yoga, which is the simple thing that connects you with your practice.

As a yoga teacher, here is something that I always want my students to remember before they decide to take a yoga course, and before they want to do other things within their yoga life style.

1. Don’t compare

Nowadays social media leads people to different ways of thinking about yoga. You may see so manyand photos with a yoga model; the very slim girl doing a headstand, hand stand and some more difficult poses. When you see her, you may want to be like her. Don’t worry; you may get there someday, but not now, especially during early classes. So, if you are in a yoga studio, and the girl next to you is super bendy, and she can do all the poses perfectly, it is because her body can do it and she has been practicing it for so long. You and your body are different, do what feels right, try as much as you can and do not compare yourself with any others; it makes you less focused and unbalanced.

2. Listen to your body

Will I get pain doing yoga? Yes, you may get pain if you push yourself too much and try a pose that your body is not ready for. So, try to listen to your body, go slow, and try not to go beyond your limits; when you listen to your body, you will get all the benefits.

3. Connect your movements with your breathing.

The breath is the energy in yoga, it helps you to strengthen your body and your mind. if you notice it, you will supply more energy to your muscles and will make your spine more flexible.The breath also helps you to keep your mind balanced.

4. Take your time

Vietnamese people have a sentence “duc toc bat dat”, which means that if you run too fast you will never reach your target: too fast too furious. So, take your time, let your body get used to the movement; give your nose and your lungs a little time to become familiar with the speed. Maybe you can’t do the poses now, but who knows, someday you may just find yourself in it and not even notice.

5. Be consistent