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Leora Software Polo Plus Free Do: How to Perform Various Types of Analyses with State of the Art Charting Features

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Leora Software Polo Plus Free Do

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this is the second edition of the previous volume published in 1990. while most of the previous edition remains useful, changes in information security and the availability of better software for generating graphs, it is anticipated that the usefulness of the text will increase.

we used the kolmogorov-smirnov test to compare the distribution of $\textz_\textc\left( \texta,\textb \right)$, where a is the toxicity level (dose) and b is the logarithm of the confidence limit (b) of the dose in poloplus with the distribution of $\textz_\textc\left( \texta,\textb \right)$ in ibm spss. the null hypothesis is that there is no difference between the two distributions.

we tested the normality of the $\textz_\textc\left( \texta,\textb \right)$ data using the anova f-test to determine whether the data are normally distributed and the normality test in poloplus.

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